Five solid reasons to use Virtual Support

September 3, 2016 10:48 am Published by 1 Comment
  1. Is there something that you are not currently doing, but you really should be?

We all tend to take on too much, often not realising until it’s too late. Outsourcing virtually gives you the space to focus on your areas of expertise knowing that your outsourced tasks are covered.

  1. Can you afford to employ a new staff member?

Pension, company benefit schemes, holiday pay, sick leave – these don’t apply to virtual workers. Time wastage (breaks, chatting, office politics, unnecessary dramas) also becomes a thing of the past.

  1. Do you have space for another company employee?

Virtual assistants use their own space, devices & resources meaning you have no unexpected overheads or operational headaches. Often organisations can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by outsourcing to freelancers working remotely.

  1. Do your clients need more attention?

Use a virtual worker to manage & administer basic client relationships, freeing up your time to retain existing clients and bring in new business. Don’t hold yourself back by getting caught up in things that you could easily allocate to a virtual freelancer.

  1. Are your needs inconsistent?

Ad hoc work is rarely an issue for virtual assistants. Time-wastage is expensive; task-based virtual work is cost-effective and far easier to slot into your budget and client costs.