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Boutique Lifestyles

Too busy with the big stuff to take care of the basics? We can help with that.

All those small things that we promise to do when we have a spare moment just keep adding up until the list is unmanageable.  Where to start?

Here. You can start here! Send us your list and we’ll analyse, prioritise and once we have your approval, finalise.

Social Media: It could be that you’re starting out as an influencer, but don’t have enough time to post quality content as you’re just too busy being a fabulous person. Or perhaps you have some ancient posts that don’t give the right impression, but who has the time to trawl through those? Well, we do. Or perhaps you simply want some regular business updates going out to your clients with the appropriate hashtags and language. No problem. We can write, schedule and manage those for you.

Life Hacks:  We all need life hacks. Do you have things that you do every day but they seem to take forever? Are the chores & tasks building up and becoming unmanageable? Maybe you have staff who don’t seem effective enough, but you can’t figure out why.  We have hacks for most things that can save you time, money & effort.

Time Management: Does anyone have enough hours in the day? Allow us to create some extra time for you! By organising your calendar, scheduling your meetings, calls and appointments, and gently encouraging the people in your life to appreciate how valuable your time is, we can uncover hidden hours so you can go and do the things you’ve been missing.

Our Lifestyle Management services are rapidly growing in popularity as people want to regain control of their busy lives, so contact us now to take advantage of this service and get ahead of the rest.

*  minimum of 2 hours per booking  *  time can be used at once or spread out  *  hourly rates & retainers appropriate to the level of work  *  optimum value for money  *  rates/retainer to be agreed prior to starting work  *  t&c’s apply  *