Boutique Business

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A selection of my most popular services

  • Consultancy
  • Crisis Aversion, Control & Resolution
  • Governance & Compliance Management
  • Online Business Management
  • Project & Operations Management
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Board analysis
  • Executive Virtual Assistance
  • Social Media Scheduling

What we can do together

Big thinkers & achievers need a solid support system.  My ability to remain fluid and flexible, creating bespoke systems and solutions that wrap neatly around your workload, meets that need perfectly. Whether it’s long-term dependability or a short sharp shock of work, I’d love to have a discussion with you about your business and how I can align my services to your unique requirements.

I work virtually for maximum efficiency & effectiveness, and have airtight systems for your data privacy and protection along with all other sensitive and confidential information.

VIP Option

This is a fully exclusive package based on long-term feedback from some of my more high-profile clients. I’ve listened, designed, created, tested, refined and delivered a malleable working model that slots neatly into your life, pulling together loose ends and maintaining the status quo.  If of course it’s status quo you’re looking for – this service adapts well to an impulsive lifestyle where no one really knows what’s going to happen next. Except me, obviously!

This option is generally by invitation or referral only, however you can contact me here to discuss your requirements and options.

A breakdown of some of the things I can do for you

  • Critical Analysis
  • Time optimisation
  • Digital detox
  • System strength & conditioning
  • Process streamlining
  • Back office digital management
  • Problem solving
  • Client management
  • Travel arrangements

How we do it

Eradicate office politics, dodgy sick days, hidden costs, poor time management, and the uncertainty that comes with these and other office-based issues.

My immediate focus is trust. I will need access to your sensitive information and I don’t expect you to just hand that out. I’ll spend time speaking with you, answer any questions, and have testimonials & references from previous and active clients who you can call and speak with if you would like to. I have robust systems & documents that protect both parties, and no objections at all to signing your NDAs.

I will need access to the aspects of your business that I’m working with. For some clients that’s specific areas, for others that’s simply everything; I’ll provide a checklist for you to work from as part of my seamless onboarding process. I’ll have some initial questions so I can treat your business with the same level of care and understanding as my own; your business really is my business.

Full transparency and an open stream of communication are part of my ongoing service.

Contact me today to discuss how I can enhance your business.

*  minimum of 2 hours per booking  *  time can be used at once or spread out  *  hourly rates & retainers appropriate to the level of work  *  optimum value for money  *  rates/retainer to be agreed prior to starting work  *  t&c’s apply  *